I am not interested in pressing charges. I don't think my attacker is a serial predator. I see my assault as an almost textbook example of a "crime of opportunity". I have no interest in personal compensation, monetary or otherwise. I have no interest in his company or in stifling his intellectual or personal life.

» 8/27/14 1:48pm Today 1:48pm

Similar problems of externalization. Both communities would do better looking inward rather than blaming outside forces for their plight. To think that Gaza would be some paradise if it wasn't fenced in by Jews is beyond absurd. Or that black communities major problem is police brutality and not black crime. » 8/24/14 1:37pm Sunday 1:37pm

Epidemic of police brutality is something always mentioned at Gawker. Epidemic of black on black crime, not a problem or even a factor in police violence. The only aspect of this complex picture worth exploring for Gawker is white racism. Kudos. » 8/22/14 1:44pm Friday 1:44pm